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Mondrago beach

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Mallorca beaches
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Cala Mondrago, Nature Park

cala Mondrago, Mallorca
cala Mondrago, Mallorca
Cala Mondrago from the Mondrago beach, the playa Ses fonts de N'alis.

cala Mondrago, Santanyi
Mondrago beach, Majorca
The biggest beach of cala Mondrago is surrounded by a sand dune ecosystem.
playa cala Mondrago, Mallorca
cala Mondrago playa, Mallorca
The cala Mondrago playa are within the natural park of Mondrago, Mallorca.

nature park cala Mondrago
Mondrago nature park
The water park opens on the beach of Cala Mondrago when levels rise.
playa S'Amarador
cala Mondrago beach, Majorca
Image of the biggest beach of cala Mondrago, S'Amarador beach.

calas de Santanyi
cala Mondrago, Majorca
Cala Mondrago view from the coast of cala Barca playa, Sa Barca Trencada.
One of the most beautiful spots of the island is cala Mondrago , Mondragó beach gives its name to the park. The park and the beaches give it a wilderness. The protected area is composed of Na Batia, Sa Rota des pi, torrent de ses Fonts n'Alis, S'Amarador reservoir, Calo d'en Borgit beach, S'Amarador beach and playa Mondrago.
Outside the protected area is playa cala Barca, Sa Barca Trencada.
Mondragó beach has a small hotel infrastructure, however Sa Barca Trencada is surrounded by buildings with great accommodation offer.
In this area of Mallorca depth not exceeding 20 meters and the bottom composition is mostly sandy, you can anchor on the beaches of playa Mondrago and playa S'Amarador.

beaches, Mondrago Map

  • playa Mondragó, Ses Fonts de N'Alis
  • playa S'Amarador
  • playa caló d'en Perdiu
  • playa caló des Borgit
  • playa Sa Barca Trencada
  • cala Es Savinar, is a creek with sandy bottom.
Sa Barca Trencada
Coast Mondrago
The coast offers beautiful Mondrago images of the sea, beaches and forests. In the picture a rock formation in Sa Barca Trecada.

Initiation Cala Mondrago

Mondrago, Mallorca


Nature park cala Mondrago, Santanyi

The Mondragó Nature Park typical Mediterranean climate, has a plant variety, mainly white pine, the juniper and wild olive bush, and to a lesser extent the rosemary and the oaks. The ponds and dunes create an important habitat in this park, and rock formations. In humid areas there are groups of reeds and rushes. The ponds are fed by streams and brackish water of the sea. They emphasize the training of poppies, orchids and a variety of mushrooms.
Among the birds underlines the heron, the shag, the Peregrine Falcon, Audouin's gull and pigeon.
The most representative mammals of the park are the hedgehog, the hare, weasels, martens and genets.
Reptiles include the gecko, the frog, the frog and turtle Mediterranean.
There is also a former agricultural activity dominated fields carob and almond trees, the huts of stone to save animals, wells and windmills to pump water.

Declared a Natural Park in 1992.
Mondrago Map

Park Information: phonel. 971181022

 Mondrago, Mallorca
Mondrago Mallorca
The Mondrago beaches can be found in nature, typical of Mallorca..

Mallorca, nature parks

Initiation Cala Mondrago

Photos, playa, cala, beaches

parque natural
cala Mondrago, nature park
Reservoir park caused by the floods and leaks from the sea.

nature park
cala Mondrago excursions
Activities in the nature park, walking or horseback.

nature park
growing areas in Mondrago, Mallorca
In the fields of Mondrago carob and almond trees predominate.

playa Mondragó, Es Savinar, playa Sa Barca trencada, caló des Borgit beach, playa S'Amarador, d'en Perdiu

calo des borgit
calo des Borgit, Mallorca
Caló des Borgit is located between Sa Barca trencada y playa Mondrago.
cala Barca
playa cala Barca, Sa barca trencada
Sa Barca trencada is very close to a large hotel infrastructure.
 Mondrago, Mallorca
cala Mondrago playa
Can be found in Mondragó beaches of fine white sand.

Cala Mondragó offers an array of beaches and coves where you can walk through the nature of the natural park Mondragó also offer transport to visit from nearby towns like Porto Petro and Cala D'or. The area with more choice of hotels is the nearby Cala D'or.


Cala D'or, Santanyi beaches

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Mallorca, information

Nature, Culture, Sports, Leisure Activities.

Weather information, Mallorca beaches

General emergency:112

Tourism: Phone. (+34) 971657463, Fax. (+34) 971648029 Avd. D’en Perico Pomar 10
Ayuntamiento: Phone. (+34) 971653002, Fax. (+34) 971653002. Dirección: Plaza Major 12 – 07650
Citizen Attention Office: Avd. D’en Perico Pomar, 10 – Phone. 971648028
Tourist Information Office: Avd. D’en Perico Pomar, 10 – Phone. 971657463
Post and Telegraph: C/Palma, 29 – Phone. 971643048
Medical Center: C/Eivissa, s/n – Phone. 971643520
Medical Center: C/La Torre, s/n – Phone. 971161050
Mondragó Park offices, C/ Llaneres, 8 – Phone. 971181022
Local Police Santanyi: Plaza Major, 12 – Phone. 971653002
Natural Park Mondragó: information, Ctra. Cala Mondragó- ses Fonts de N’alis – Phone. 971181022
Medical Centre Cala D’or: Tel. 971658011
Medical Centre Calongue: Plaza Sant Miquel – Phone. 971167148
Medical Centre S’Aquería Blanca: C/ La Torre, 36 –Phone. 971164170
Cala D’or:
Medical Centre: Avd. d’en Perico Pomar, 10 –Phone. 971658011
Local Police: Avd. Es Sementer, 11
Medical Centre: Plaza Sant Miquel – Phone. 971-167148
S’alquería Blanca.
Medical Centre: C/ de la Torre, 36 – Phone. 971164170
Es Llombars:
Medical Centre: C/ Son Salom, 3 – Phone. 971653494
Taxi Cala D’or:
Phone. 971658277, 971657058, 971162947
Bus: Palma-Santanyi-Alquería Blanca-Calonge-Cala D’Or C/Sebastiana Clar, 17 – Phone. 971653363, 971653494

Bus timetables, lines 500

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Fotos de Mondrago,

Mondrago beach playground
In the Mondragó beach There is a picnic area and playground.

refuge coast Santanyi
coast cala Mondragó
Refuge fishing in Coast shut Mondragó.

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