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Paguera Beach, Playa, Mallorca

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  Paguera playa (Peguera), Calvia, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain    



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Paguera Beaches

The  Paguera Beach,( Paguera Playa ), more popular is the Tora Beach, Has all amenities, offering entertainment, restaurants and bars of various specialties, hotel, facilities for children, good access for elderly and disabled, with calm waters, few waves and shallow area of pine trees and playground, with a promenade allows easy access to anywhere on the beach, ideal for families. This beach is a good range of water sports. It has a small port for excursion boats with a beautiful route where you can also watch the beaches of Paguera the coast and the beach of Santa Ponsa, beach of Cala Fornells,beach and port of El Toro and beach of Camp de Mar.
The Palmira Beach is the longest beach, more urbanized and extends the boulevard of playa Paguera, Calm waters and beachfront hotel, ideal for those who like the binomial beach hotel hotel beach. In this beach you can do water sports like water skiing. Area has FREE WIFI.
La Romana Beach, Is next to the Tora Beach, Quiet and very clean waters, you can walk through the woods and see landscapes, many people make trips to the Costa de la Calma of the nearby town of Santa Ponsa. It is linked by a promenade to the Tora Beach, Therefore also called Tora Beach La Romana.
The Paguera beaches have docking area.

The beach of cala Fornells is at the other end, part sand and part rock with a small port and anchorage areas.
Nearby is the Ses Llises Beach, Small stone with very calm waters, looks like a natural pool.
From the end of cala Fornells you can walk through the forest to the beach Calo den Monjo, or calo des Monjo, Small beach with a beautiful setting where the practice is allowed nudism at the beach.

Holidays in Paguera are prized for German tourism in October is the festival of beer, Original Bavarian Oktoberfest Paguera (Peguera)
Imported from Munich, From 12 to 19 October, is performed on the paguera Beach, with German bands, with more than 20,000 liters of beer and Bavarian cuisine such as sausages, Bavarian costumes and big mugs of beer.

Excursions in Paguera: Aside from the nature of the beaches, Paguera is a good place to stroll through the boardwalks and rural roads.
4 excursions are proposed. View Paguera Map.
  • Excursion La Romana beach to Costa de la Calma. Since the la Romana beach is promoted by a moderate slope to the top of the mountain which is located costa de la Calma, People belonging to Santa Ponsa. The duration is approximately 35 '.
  • Excursion Monte Paguera. You can start the tour from the end of the road which the trail is smooth and beautiful views. The length is about 40 '. If the start is from the bottom of the mountain the trail is hard and is 1h 30 '.
  • Excursion Cala Fornells-Calo den Monjo. Easy and simple way for the whole family ideal, we reach the beautiful bay Caló d'en Monjo . In this cove is authorized practice of nudism. The length is about 20 '.
  • Excursion Cala Fornells-Watch-Tower. This path is more difficult and there is a section where caution should be exercised by the uneven, with beautiful panoramic ideal to photos and videos to landscapes. Can be accessed by various routes, the prize is to enjoy a fantastic view to Camp de Mar and Cap Andritxol. The tour lasts approximately 1h.

Tourist Office Paguera (Peguera): Avd de Peguera, 76, Shopping Center "The Hexagon", Tel 971687083 / 971685468, email
Emergency Phone: 112

Emergency Phones: National Police .. 091 / 971225200, 971206565 .. Ambulance, Firefighter .. 080 / 971690080, Maritime rescue .. 900202202, Civil Guard .. 062, Civil Guard Paguera .. 971687574, 971003300 lost .., Local police .. 092 / 971003300, 971686168 .. sports of Paguera, Paguera post .. 971685066, 971003300 .. Civil protection, Radio Taxi Calvia .. 971680970 / 971134700, Health Services .. 061, Health Services of Paguera .. 971685535, Red Cross .. 971,295,000.

Radio Taxi Calvia: Tel. 971 13 47 00

Links: Ajuntament de Calvia, Government of the Balearic islands.

Paguera playa, Majorca

calo den monjo
Calo den Monjo Paguera
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Way Paguera, Calo den Monjo
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excursion Paguera, Watchtower
Boulevard of Paguera, Mallorca
hiking, Majorca
Hiking Paguera ,beach La Romana to Costa de la Calma, Santa Ponsa.
Excursion Map
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